Data Digitization as a Service

As most companies and organizations around the world are on the path of digital data transformation, the processing of big data becomes the need of the hour. With large volumes of data added each day, manual processing of data consumes a lot of time, resources, and data entry work. Many times, it does not yield accurate results and results in huge losses. By using Saaransh, we can get accurate result for any amount of data.

Data Digitization as a Service by Aptus Data Labs

Saaransh Industrial Applications

This is a practical solution to mine and process data in industries that require accurate results.

saaransh Industrial Application - Banking


Identity documents (KYC), Loan applications, Cheque book processing, and contract document processing

saaransh Industrial Application - Pharmaceutical


Pharma – scientific document processing, internal audit, quality assurance, and metadata management.

saaransh Industrial Application - Retail, CPG, Manufacturing, Corporate sectors, Telco

Retail /CPG /Manufacturing /Corporate sectors/Telco

Receipts, Invoices processing, employee claims and bill processing, Corporate SOP, mass documents processing, quality assurance, and call center

saaransh Industrial Application - Finance


Contract Management, Legal Processing, Loan approvals, and background verification

saaransh Industrial Application - Hospitals


Prescriptions, medical records, and diagnostic reports

saaransh Industrial Application - Recruitment Firms

Recruitment Firms

Resume, Cover letters, Employment contracts, and background verification

saaransh Industrial Application - Insurance


Claim forms, Claim approvals, and insurance document processing

saaransh Industrial Application - Education


Answer sheets evaluation, and validation & verification

saaransh Industrial Application - Law Firms

Law Firms

Case documents, contracts, notices, verdicts, and compliance documents

Saaransh – A Data Digitization Platform

Saaransh is an AI-based DDaaS Platform designed by Aptus Data Labs to help organizations capture digital data to extract insight and plan business strategies.

This utilizes RPA, mobility, AI, ML, NLP, and orchestration technology to extract information from unstructured data like forms and documents. - A Data Digitization Platform by Aptus Data Labs
saaransh - Resolving Business Challenges for Enterprises by Aptus Data Labs

Saaransh resolves the business challenges faced by enterprises

The main business challenges faced by enterprises on a global scale are:

  • Processing large volumes of unstructured data.
  • The requirement of efficient and trained staff Less accurate data processing due to manual processing.
  • High costs for back-office operation and process management Lack of automation.

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