Intelligent Supply Chain Planning

AptPlan is an AI/ML-based Supply Chain Planning system that enables your system to ‘learn’ historical demand behavior. Also, it understands the impact of other variables on sales and predicts demand with greater accuracy.

Intelligent Supply Chain Planning by Aptus Data Labs

AptPlan Offers

Powered with AI/ML algorithms, robust processes, and efficient routines to handle internal and external influential parameters, AptPlan delivers highly accurate demand plans. Consequently, this data-driven support enhances better business and decision-making.  AptPlan is a versatile supply planning product that excels in providing multi-variate forecasts for various time horizons. Therefore, this is particularly valuable for companies with diverse SKUs.

AI/ML Algorithms and Analytics for Intelligent Supply Chain Planning

AI/ML Algorithms and analytics

AI/ML algorithms empower data-driven insights. Therefore, Analytics harnesses data for informed decision-making.

Integrated Planning Data Models with Data Mapping

Integrated planning data models with data mapping

Integrated planning optimizes data models, enhancing performance. Data mapping streamlines data integration for seamless processes.

Auto Forecast with Complete Batch Scheduling

Auto forecast with complete batch scheduling

Auto forecasting simplifies predictions. Notably, Complete batch scheduling ensures efficient processes.

Simulation and 'What-If' Analysis for Best Scenario Planning

Simulation and ‘What-if’ analysis for best scenario planning

Simulation enables scenario planning. Similarly, What-if’ analysis explores best-case scenarios.

Manage Internal and External Influencing Parameters

Manage internal and external influencing parameters

Efficiently handle influencing factors for effective supply planning. As a result, we get streamlined supply planning.

Turbo Data Preparation for Unstructured External Parameters

Turbo data preparation for unstructured external parameters​

Turbo data prep simplifies unstructured parameter handling. Therefore, by Efficiently manage external parameters for enhanced data readiness.

Post Planning Analysis for Supply Chain Planning

Post planning analysis

Conduct post-planning analysis for insights. analyze results after planning for improvements.

Easy Integration with any ERP System

Easy Integration with any ERP

Seamless ERP integration made easy. Consequently, Effortless integration with any ERP system.

New-Age Supply Chain Planning

With evolving technologies, it is now possible to use AI/ML techniques to process a massive amount of data and create more accurate forecasting models today. AptPlan builds upon traditional demand forecasting techniques and enhances the accuracy of prediction by modeling other internal and external factors that influence sales demand.

Though the term and the science behind such forecasting are not new, artificial intelligence and the evolving big data technologies make it possible to process massive amounts of data that previously required precious hours of human intervention or relevance. Additionally, AptPlan uses both internal and external factors for forecasting. Consequently, this is a front-line new business tool. 

Intelligent Supply Chain Planning by Aptus Data Labs

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