Aptus Data Labs and IBM Power Systems for Accelerated AI Adoption

Aptus Data Labs partners with IBM to offer ML/AI business solutions on Power Systems within the IBM AI Community, to help customers quickly adopt AI in their businesses.

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation continue to gain momentum in the enterprise world, the need for reliable and robust infrastructure becomes increasingly important. IBM Power Systems is a leading solution in this space, offering a one-of-a-kind accelerated server through its adoption of Linux and Open Source, as well as its partnership with Nvidia.

What we do

IBM, in collaboration with its AI community partners, takes a consultative approach to customer engagement, enabling clients to quickly adopt and deploy their AI strategies in production environments, thus maintaining a competitive advantage. With the partnership, solutions will also be listed in the “IBM Global Solutions Directory,” allowing for interactions across geographies. Aptus Data Labs and IBM have a joint ‘Go-To Market’ (GTM) that helps enterprise clients to leverage the latest cutting-edge technologies in modern infrastructure and advanced analytics domains for their AI strategies. The integrated solution of ML/AI application and IBM infrastructure accelerates the deployment of AI solutions, eliminating the need to evaluate application software solutions and infrastructure separately.

AI/ML based Supply Planning with AptPlan

AptPlan is an AI/ML based intelligence solution for Supply Planning, Demand Forecasting, Demand Sensing and Supply Network Planning. It enables enterprises to make accurate predictions, optimize resource usage and improve overall supply chain efficiency.

Data Digitization with Saaransh

Saaransh is a data digitization platform that offers cognitive solutions for digital data capture and automation. It helps organizations to streamline their data collection and processing efforts, resulting in improved efficiency and accuracy.

Accelerating Intelligent Automation with Computer Vision

Aptus Data Labs’ AI solutions utilize computer vision to accelerate intelligent automation. With simple tools for image processing, image recognition and object detection, our solutions enable organizations to automate repetitive tasks and improve decision-making.

Predictive and Optimization Workflows with Aptus Data Labs

Aptus Data Labs supports all stages of forecasting and optimization workflows, enabling large-scale automation for predicting outcomes and optimizing decisions. Our solutions help organizations to predict future outcomes and deliver the best results given resource constraints.

Extracting Business Insights with NLP/AI & Text Analytics

Our AI solutions use NLP to enable a computer to understand, interpret and manipulate natural human languages. Our AI solutions use NLP to automatically extract critical business insights and information from large amounts of structured and unstructured content.

Multimedia Analytics with Media Analytics

Aptus Data Labs’ Media Analytics solutions extract and combine information from images, video, speech and text. We focus on the adaptation of Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques to build and extract information, helping organizations to gain insights and make better decisions.

We answered the most popular questions
We collaborate, we think, we create outside the box. We building digital products and brands.

Aptus Data Labs is a company that specializes in providing advanced AI business solutions for quick deployment, including supply chain planning, data digitization, computer vision, forecasting, NLP/AI and text analytics, and media analytics.

AptPlan is an AI/ML-based intelligence solution that helps with supply planning, demand forecasting, demand sensing, and supply network planning.

Yes, Aptus Data Labs offers a data digitization platform called Saaransh that offers a cognitive solution for digital data capture and automation.

No, Aptus Data Labs provides AI solutions for businesses of all sizes and industries, and work with them to understand their specific needs and provide customized solutions.

Aptus Data Labs offers multimedia analytics solutions that extract and combine information from images, video, speech, and text, using machine learning and deep learning techniques.

Aptus Data Labs uses computer vision to provide simple tools for image processing, image recognition, and object detection, which can be used to automate various tasks and improve efficiency.

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