Hitachi’s Lumada offers a metadata-driven approach to process intelligent data operations at an enterprise scale. The platform does it all – Big Data Integration and Analytics (Lumada Data Lake), Pentaho Data Integration, Pentaho Business Analytics and IoT Analytics for Edge Intelligence.

The Pentaho Data Integration and Business Analytics tool manages enormous volumes of increasing variety and velocity of data with visual tools that reduce time, complexity of building, and maintenance of analytic data pipelines.

Enable your internet of things (IoT) solution to deliver high-value outcomes with Hitachi IoT Platform. Utilizethe actionable data insights derived from Lumada solutions, edge intelligence, and  co-created services, such as video analytics, maintenance insights, and manufacturing insights.


Aptus Data Labs and its competency centre for DataOps and the Lumada platform works closely with the Hitachi Vantara team to provide solutions for businesses in data management and operations. Aptus Data Labs, equipped with knowledge, skills, and solutions to support the business offers:


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