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Aptus Data Labs and Altair RapidMiner Deliver Frictionless AI for the Enterprise

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Frictionless AI

Creating a Seamless AI Experience

Frictionless AI means integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems seamlessly into various processes and work flows, with minimal or no disruption and resistance. Frictionless AI aims to streamline the adoption and use of AI by reducing barriers such as technical complexities, data preparation, model development, deployment challenges, and user experience hurdles.

The Altair RapidMiner frictionless AI platform delivers breadth and depth across the analytics lifecycle with unique capabilities that overcome the most challenging obstacles organizations face along their digital transformation journey.
Aptus Data Labs uses the frictionless AI Rapidminer in building various solutions.

Altair & Aptus Data Labs Partnership

Aptus Data Labs has partnered with Altair to revolutionize data science and Machine Learning (ML) in India and the EMEA region. Together, we offer comprehensive solutions that will skyrocket your business!

Our collaboration provides you with unparalleled data science solutions. With captivating demos and full implementation, we'll show you the limitless potential of the Altair platform and how it can transform your business.

What to Expect From This Session

This webinar will highlight several key benefits for enterprise organizations, offering brief insights into the solutions and technologies involved. These technologies hold immense potential for utilization in various business use cases, promising to bring transformative changes to operations, processes, and overall business outcomes.

Altair Partner - Collaborating for Data Solutions

Altair RapidMiner

A one-stop solution for full analytical lifecycles

About Altair RapidMiner

Regardless of where an organization is on their data journey, Altair® RapidMiner® helps teams overcome their most challenging obstacles. We offer a path to modernization for established data analytics teams as well as a path to automation for teams just getting started. We do this without requiring your organization to radically change your people, processes, computing environment, or existing data landscape, helping you achieve your data goals.

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Aptus Data Labs

Innovative Data Science Solutions for business growth

About Aptus Data Labs

Aptus Data Labs is an innovative Data Engineering and Advanced Analytics Company offering analytical solutions and consulting services that help businesses make quick, cogent, data-driven decisions, essentially required to sustain and grow in tandem with evolving industry trends. We help enterprises look beyond business data and gain industry-leading insights to assure them about Big Business Decisions.

Event Speakers


Sudhir Padaki

Global Director BFSI - Analytics & IoT Sales

[email protected]

Sourav Dutta

VP -Marketing & Business Development

[email protected]

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