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Aptus Data Labs is a state-of-the-art Big data and Advanced Analytics company, providing consulting and project delivery services & solutions, catering to enterprises of all sizes, across different industries such as Healthcare, Retail & Consumer Industries, BFSI, Manufacturing & Supply Chain. Founded under the credo ‘Big Decisions Assured,’ we offer advanced analytics platforms that help businesses make quick cogent data-driven decisions, essentially required to sustain and grow in tandem with evolving industry trends.

Through several years of business domain expertise, we have understood the profound need of industries for a cohesive analytics platform that helps organizations gain competitive advantage in a short duration. Catering to this need, we developed a preeminent Data to Decision (D2D) framework that diligently takes care of the entire analytics value chain – right from curetting to deciphering massive amounts of granular data – to arrive at big business decisions quickly.

Our value-driven, customer-centric business domain expertise help organizations navigate through the data analytics path seamlessly, right from primary Data to Data Engineering and then Data Science to Decision Science, to arrive at pertinent Big Business Decisions.

No matter how colossal your Primary Data might be – in volume, variety or velocity, we ASSURE YOU BIG DECISIONS that matter for your business and your customers.


  • Technical capabilities in leading edge Big Data and Analytics technologies
  • Eclectic skill mix including data modeling, data science and visualizations
  • Partnering with best in class software providers
  • Building and providing high talent to our clients onshore and offshore
  • Creating toolkits and accelerators for faster implementation
  • Continuous learning through strong industry and academia collaboration


  • Become the company-of-choice for enterprises of all sizes, across different industries such as Banking, Financial services and Insurance, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Retail & Consumer Industries, Manufacturing , Energy, Oil & Gas and Utilities.
  • Broaden our industry domain solutions that can support global enterprises to optimize their business operations.


Our company’s core value and philosophy is embedded in our name ‘Aptus Data Labs,’ – Aptus means “appropriate or fitting” in Latin.

  • Apt techniques & technologies – “One size does NOT fit all”
  • People are our biggest assets – Great things are possible when minds synergise
  • Total customer satisfaction –Whatever it takes !!
  • Unrelenting focus on best practices and (re)utilization of intellectual assets
  • Success achieved only through iterative rigour and implementation


People@Aptus - An Engineering & Technology Culture

“Human resources are like natural resources; they're often buried deep. You have to go looking for them, they're not just lying around on the surface. You have to create the circumstances where they show themselves.” - Ken Robinson

We at Aptus are a mission-focused team of data analysts, business SMEs, architects and engineers delivering comprehensive solutions on data management, data science and advanced analytics to clients across a range of Industries. We are all engineers, focusing on our own deliverables and solving complex business problems.

We are fully aware that all of this is not possible without the right people with the right mix of skills and attitude. We invite you to be part of our team if you have the basic pre-requisites that we are looking for in our people. Our hunt for the right people (like you) is firmly entrenched in the following beliefs.

  • Getting right candidates with analytical skills instead of just a basic computer science/engineering qualification
  • Driving customer engagement with trust , team work and agility
  • Respecting others and taking your share of responsibility
  • Taking time out to relax and unwind after a hard day’s work
  • Continuous learning on Business Intelligence, Big Data, Data Science and Analytics to institutionalize analytics practice within organization

Getting Hired - Our 3-Step Process

Unlike in science, our recruiting process follows the axiom “Sound travels faster than light”. We begin our interaction with prospective candidates by means of a telephonic first level assessment.

Candidates who are selected for the next round are invited to our Aptus Data Labs's office for an in-person coding and technical assessment.

A final round of discussions happens with our HR Personnel to begin what we would like to think as a long-term mutually beneficial win-win relationship.

Want to work with us?

We hope we have aroused your professional and career goal interest, and motivated you to think of a career with us. It is not just building your own future, but also helping build and being a part of our future plans for a long time to come. If you like what we have told you, send your resume to us (staffing@aptusdatalabs.com), and we promise to follow the highest standards of recruitment and professional ethics in forging a long-term relationship with you.

You can also upload your resume or stop by at our Aptus Data Labs office. Good Luck !!!

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Founder & CEO

After co-founding Aptus Data Labs, he is nurturing a vision to turn Aptus Data Labs to be the global leader in Big Data and Advanced Analytics arena. He brings an agile, entrepreneurial approach to BI & Analytics practice as well as people management, which will help catapult Aptus Data Labs’ growth towards a success story


Co-founder & CTO

As CTO, Ravi is responsible for defining Big Data solutions portfolios, building solutions, platform, capability, accelerators & customer solutions for various business domains, which together will help Aptus Data Labs towards forward growth trajectory.


Strategist & Business Development

James is responsible for mentoring, collaborating and supporting the company’s endeavors towards successful Big Data solutions portfolio by building capability, right partnership and business development


VP - Analytics (Business Development & Delivery)

Sashi is an IIT-IIM graduate with 32+ years IT experience in information systems consulting, development and delivery management areas at leading Indian and global corporates. He is committed to providing lasting value to customers that will make them global winners in today's networked world.

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