Aptus Data Labs has signed consulting & OEM partnership with Micro-Focus Vertica to provide solutions on unified Data Lake or Data Warehouse platform.

Vertica, an advanced unified analytics warehouse is built from scratch to address the most demanding Big Data analytics initiatives. Vertica’s unified architecture supports all leading visualization tools and BI to work with your existing ETL tools to boost your analytics. It helps to derive more value from your data lakes and warehouses to approach the market quickly with analytics initiatives. 

Vertica, with it’s unified analytics engines available on all major public clouds platforms, it’s in-database machine learning along with a parallel processing function supports the entire predictive analytics process to allow data scientists to welcome the power of Big Data and to speed up business outcomes.


Aptus Data Labs, the System Integrator/Reseller and OEM partner of Micro-Focus Vertica has over six years of experience on the Vertica platform. We offer the following consulting and technical services related to Vertica:



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