IBM Power Systems under “IBM AI Community”

Aptus Data Labs brings ML/AI business solutions on IBM Power Systems under “IBM AI Community” to speed up the customer’s AI adoption in their business.

There has been a rapid adoption of AI and automation by enterprises over the last few years. Each of these applications need a reliable and robust infrastructure like IBM Power Systems. IBM has adopted Linux and Open Source and leveraged its partnership with Nvidia to offer a one of a kind accelerated server. IBM along with its AI community partners, follows a consultative approach when it comes to customer engagement which enables enterprise clients to quickly adopt & deploy their AI strategies in production environments and maintain their competitive advantage.

Also, with the partnership, the solutions are to be listed in the “IBM Global Solutions Directory” which allows interactions across geographies. 

A joint ‘Go-To Market’ (GTM) between IBM and Aptus Data Labs is designed to help enterprise clients leverage the latest cutting edge technologies in modern infrastructure and advanced analytics domains for their AI strategies. The customer gets an integrated solution with ML/AI application and IBM infrastructure, that enables an accelerated deployment of AI solutions instead of evaluating application software solutions and infrastructure separately.


Aptus Data Labs, brings the advanced AI business solutions (industrialized solution & technology) for a quick

  • AptPlan – AI/ML based intelligence Supply Planning, Demand Forecasting, Demand Sensing and Supply Network Planning
  • Saaransh – A Data Digitization platform that offers cognitive solution for Digital Data Capture & Automation
  • Computer Vision – AI solutions use computer vision to accelerate intelligent automation with simple tools for image processing, image recognition and object detection
  • Forecasting helps you predict future outcomes. Optimization delivers the best results given resource constraints. Aptus Data Labs supports all stages of forecasting and optimization workflows, enabling large-scale automation for predicting outcomes and optimizing decisions.
  • NLP/AI & Text Analytics – NLP uses AI to enable a computer to understand, interpret and manipulate natural human languages. Our AI solutions use NLP to automatically extract critical business insights and information from large amounts of structured and unstructured content.
  • Media Analytics – Multimedia Analytics to extract and combine information from images, video, speech and text. We are focusing on the adaptation of Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques to build and extract information

Why Aptus Data Labs?

  • Expertise to solve complex business problems from design to deployment
  • Experienced Industry professionals with solid background on business functions, process, technologies and workflow
  • Strong team of senior business analysts and data scientists to build AI application
  • Experienced automation professional with RPA certification
  • Proven experience on AI solution deployment on IBM Power systems


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