Aptus Data Labs has teamed up with DataStax to unlock the synergies of both companies’ solutions, accelerators, and secure access to Apache Cassandra databases.

DataStax is a hybrid database-as-a-service built on Apache Cassandra™, an open-source; scale-out, cloud-native NoSQL Database. DataStax offers Apache Cassandra™ in a database platform to meet the availability and performance demands of the Internet of Things (IoT), Mobile, and Web applications. It gives enterprises a fast, secure, always-on database which is simple to operate whether scaled across multiple data centres and clouds or in a single data centre.


DataStax also offers a production version of DataStax Enterprise (DSE), Apache Cassandra, and ecosystem to fulfil the vision of Cassandra. Aptus Data Labs and DataStax have partnered to integrate the best of both worlds enabling customers with the ability to integrate DataStax into the corporate infrastructure easily and securely.

Aptus Data Labs’ solution and services for DataStax Enterprise is an enterprise-grade offering that makes securing even the most complex Apache Cassandra environments simple and straightforward by securely connecting your DataStax cluster. We deliver consulting services, business and analysis applications for big and medium companies as well as for government institutions. The company also provides its products based designs and analysis of large data sts (Big Data) and cloud-based solutions. As a partner of Datastax, Aptus Data Labs offers products and consulting in implementing Big Data solutions, broad support and application design services, as well as certified training for developers and database administrators in Apache Cassandra™.

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