Categorizing and Segmenting User SMS Data Using NLP Techniques

A fin-tech company that is developing the technology that will enable the next generation of financial services.

Short Period Demand Forecasting For Hispanic Health Using Advanced AI Techniques

Enabled a pharma company to increase their Conversion Rates, decrease TAT & helped them realize the ROI on marketing cost.

Alternative Home Financing Solutions for an Australian Company

The client is a mortgage financing company based in Australia.

70% efficiency gains in Development Time with Augmented Analytics

Helped a large pharmaceutical company to extract insight from data and improve performance using Augmented Analytics

Deriving Useful Patterns: The Business Impact of IT Analytics

Enabled a leading IT company to predict operations accurately and predicting the service cost

Maximizing Profits with Route Optimization Analytics

Enabled a leading oil company to forecast voyage schedules accurately and minimize logistics costs

Extracting Valuable Metadata: AI-powered Text Analytics for Document Management

Enabled a document management firm to mine data accurately and improve operations efficiency through automation

Fraud Detection Analytics for Employee Expense

Enabled a manufacturing company analyze claims and expenses to detect fraud in the claim process

Converting Clicks to Sales with AI Analytics for Footwear

Enabled a e-commerce company to increase sales by predicting the right cashback/discount to increase GMV%

Real-Time & Accurate Demand Forecasting with AI/ML Technologies

Today’s dynamic business environment poses new challenges to the traditional way of handling supply chain planning

AI / ML based Automatic Checklist Scoring Application

Pharma client wanted to build a scalable & automatic checklist scoring application for QA documents of clinical experiments

How Auditing Process is Revolutionized with Cutting-Edge Technology

An on-premise Robotic Auditing and Intelligent Automation Platform (RAIA)

Achieving low-latency API-based queries with Mongo DB

Performance analysis - MapR DB vs. Mongo DB - Tool Selection Process

Revolutionizing Pharma Analytics with AWS Data Lake

Enterprise Data Lake and Analytics implementation for a large Pharmaceutical Company in India on AWS platform

Boosting Performance with Apache Spark Migration

Data Migration & Performance Improvement of large data processing

Enhancing Business Growth Through Data Migration and Visualization

Data Migration & Visualization for Digital Marketing Performance

Migrating Pharmaceutical Reports: Open-Source Success

Database Migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL on AWS platform

Hadoop Migration: Cost-Effective Solution for E-governance Service

Data, Process , Batch jobs and Work flow migration to Hadoop Platform

Visualizing End-to-End Recruitment Process with Yellowfin Dashboards

Enabled a large recruitment company to visualize their complete recruitment process and improve their performance

Migrating from SAS to Hadoop for Efficient Data Processing for a Theme Park

Enabled a large theme park to migrate, and process their data quickly and improve customer services

Maximizing Customer Value: Customer Segmentation and Lifetime Value Prediction

Enabled a leading retail consulting company to analyze historical data

Advanced Analytics Framework for a Consumer Financing and Loan Servicing Company in the USA

The client provides alternative financing for career schools, technical schools, and other training providers.

Cash Flow Projections for a Consumer Financing and Loan Servicing Company in the USA

The client provides alternative financing for career schools, technical schools, and other training providers.