“Aptus Data Labs” or any of its employees do not accept or consider unsolicited ideas, including ideas for new advertising campaigns, marketing strategies, new or improved products, technologies, services, processes, materials, or new product names. We have found this policy necessary in order to avoid misunderstandings should “Aptus Data Labs”’ s business activities bear coincidental similarities with one or more of the thousands of unsolicited ideas offered to us. Please do not send your unsolicited ideas to “Aptus Data Labs” or anyone at “Aptus Data Labs” If, in spite of our request to not send us your ideas, you still send them, then regardless of what your posting, email, letter, or other transmission may say, (1) your idea will automatically become the property of “Aptus Data Labs” without any compensation to you; (2) “Aptus Data Labs” will have no obligation to return your idea to you or respond to you in anyway; (3) “Aptus Data Labs” will have no obligation to keep your idea confidential; and (4) “Aptus Data Labs” may use your idea for any purpose whatsoever, including giving your idea to others. However, “Aptus Data Labs” does welcome feedback regarding many areas of “Aptus Data Labs”’s existing businesses that will help satisfy customer’s needs, and feedback can be provided through the many listed contact areas on the Site. Any feedback you provide shall be deemed a Submission under the terms in the User Supplied Information section above.