Data Engineering determines the relevant datasets and includes the process of preparing the data for consumption by AI Solutions to provide valuable insights to the business. Data engineering constitutes almost 60-70% of of the full quantum of analytics work in any enterprise data and; AI solution. Aptus Data Labs is able to get your data – Analytics and AI-ready, using your platform of choice and the best AI-driven approaches for end-to-end data engineering capabilities.

Aptus Data Labs has an efficient team of Data Engineers, Data Architects, Cloud Architects, full-stack Developers, API and Microservices Developers with experience and expertise in the field of data engineering to guide our customers to digitally transform and advance their business. We help to:


Our Data Engineering solutions and services offer crucial benefits to enterprises, such as a complete data pipeline to avoid loss of data, creating new opportunities, saving costs by ensuring uninterrupted operations, and increasing efficiency by analyzing the data and acting on any business issue in real-time.

Data Engineering Solutions

Data Value Management/ Services

Platform Support

Here is a view of our real world approach to building a complete data pipeline of distributed data lake architecture, on AWS’s platform, for a large pharmaceutical company:


Platforms, Tools & Technologies

Aptus Data Labs is equipped with industry-leading competitive platforms, tools, and technologies. We have partnered with OEMs to build joint solutions & services to ensure the success of business use cases.

Case Studies


A Banking Big Data & Analytics Platform with 24x7 Support

Enabled a large private bank to implement Big Data and Analytics Solutions to improve business functions quickly


Enterprise Data Lake and Analytics implementation for a large Pharmaceutical Company in India on AWS platform

Implemented a distributed data lake architecture and advanced analytics on the AWS cloud platform to reduce IT costs and improve productivity


Data Migration & Performance Improvement of Data Processing

Enabled a leading data processing company to process large batches of pharmacies & pharmacy supplier data quickly with reduced IT costs

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