We are constantly inventing new Data, AI and Cloud components: Data framework, a catalog of data sets, algorithms, analytical components, PoC and Pilot that stimulate ideation and accelerate to resolve our customer’s challenges. These accelerators are embedded and augmented across technology and business functions that would have an immediate impact on your business, scaling AI across your enterprise to unleash your digital advantage and full potential.


Our cutting-edge technology, skills, and expertise help to attain new insights from old data enabling our client’s business to gain a competitive edge. Our portfolios are in perfect alignment with today’s technologies on data, cloud, AI and we embrace emerging technologies head-on:

Applying Data and AI at scale

Transforming business processes

Quickly address customer’s challenges

Agile and rapid development

Technology enablers

Our data and AI accelerators help to build AI-based business solutions in a few steps


What our Data and AI Accelerators can do for customer’s business?

Our pre-built ready-to-use Data and Artificial Intelligence accelerators can help build and transform ideas into scalable solutions through rapid development. These accelerators can be embedded or augmented in the infrastructure or application to address customer challenges.

Slide Voice-technology Augmented Analytics
(Voice & Text)​
Augmented analytics on custom BI dashboard and graphs that help in data preparation, NLP/NLG-based querying, and automated insights using voice and text capability. Optimization Techniques​ Developed optimization algorithms to resolve various optimization problems, such as Vehicle Routing, Pricing, Production, Sales, Cashback, Supply Chain, and other business problems using various algorithms and programming ​ Intelligent Document Miner with Intelligent OCR ML-based solutions to extract useful data from textual and scanned PDF while handling challenges, such as format, layout, skewness, OCR and resolution. Used by insurance, banking, document, legal, and risk management firms​ Optimization-Techniques Intelligent-Doc-Miner-with-OCR-and-ML
Slide Intelligent-form-miner Intelligent Form Miner with
OCR and ML
Extract metadata and images from forms (printed and handwritten) for any business function to streamline operations. The input PDFs are based on particular business functions with standard/scanned PDF with layout, OCR, and pixel information Cloud AI/ML and Sage
Maker Services (AWS)
Neighbourhood analytical solutions that build on AWS AI/ML services and Sage maker with enough flexibility to allow for customization: E.g. sentimental analysis, customer 360, sale funnels prediction, marketing optimization, anomaly defection, etc UniAPI Platform™ (API Connectors) Out-of-the-box asset connects apps and data anywhere, on- premises or on the cloud, that helps the CDO/CIO to build incremental data and analytical hubs for better data analytics Cloud-ML-AI-Services UniAPI-Platform
Slide ai-banner What-if Analysis /Simulation
Our data simulation tool is used in businesses in sizes and in all industries to analyse the current processes and determine where to focus on improvements. We have solutions developed for Oil & Gas, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, and Retail, etc
Forecasting Forecasting models for various
business use cases with right
techniques and factors
Data Injections and Preparation Tool Make your data business ready This self-service tool enables business users and citizen data scientists in data processing, blending, transformation and mapping to help in analytics forecasting-for-various-use-cases Data-injections
Slide Distributed-data-lake Distributed Data Lake A reference architecture for heterogeneous and distributed
data platforms to enable data scientists and business to
access data
Automated Data Pipelines Toolkit for data injections to data
preparation for downstream
advanced analytics and machine
learning workloads for complete
DevOps process
AI and ML Utility Set of AI and ML libraries and code sets used to solve business problems for industries like manufacturing, Industry 4.0, Retail/CPG etc. Automated-Data-pipelines AI- ML-Utility

Technology Enablers

We leverage data, cloud, AI, and emerging technologies to build the accelerators


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