Data Migration & Visualisation for Digital Marketing Performance

Assisted a digital marketing company to optimize KPIs and increase conversion rates with data migration and visualization tool


About the Client

The client provides B2B solutions to help businesses analyze their marketing data to evaluate the performance of sales and marketing strategies and accelerate revenue & market share growth.

The Business Challenge

The client wanted to utilize the daily application logs in the form of raw data exports to analyze
consumer behavior in digital marketing channels and visualize the analyzed data to increase visitor conversion rates and thus, optimize their KPIs and marketing strategy.

What Aptus Data Labs Did

Aptus Data Labs developed a solution to manipulate the customer data feed from digital marketing applications and retain the transformed data to analyze customer behavior and channel conversions. We orchestrated a continuous data ingestion & transformation pipeline that continued the structured data in a database. We used the data to generate visualizations in the form of static reports & interactive dashboards. We solved the challenge of digitally understanding the raw data exports, structuring them, mapping them to parameter definitions, and building interpretable visualizations for the business users.

The Business Impact Aptus Data Labs Made

Through this project, we improved the client’s data & analytics pipeline and provided them with interpretable visualizations quantified with relevant performance metrics. The client was able to compare the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns in several media, hence improving their targeted marketing strategy, and subsequently contributed to growth in their business performance.

The Business and Technology Approach

Aptus Data Labs developed a solution to:

1. Schedule daily scripts to:

2. Analyze business requirements to develop relevant metadata statistics, KPIs, and Funnel
Analysis visualizations in Tableau.

3. Build and deploy target database and dashboards, to be accessed by client-side users regularly, on the AWS platform.



Tools used

The Outcome

The log data ingestion pipeline & analytics dashboards enabled the client to understand the performance of their digital marketing campaigns and thus improve their targeted marketing strategies.

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