Many companies have a business-critical enterprise data warehouse (EDW), databases, ETL and business intelligence platform with intelligence, dashboard, and reporting capabilities. However, the competitive landscape is changing where enterprise business users are demanding real-time data analysis and an advanced, industrialized approach to advanced analytics.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML) are no longer future considerations or options. Companies across multiple industries on a global scale are already testing, acquiring, and utilizing these technologies as they provide a competitive advantage with better business insights.

Modernize Traditional BI, DWH and ETL Environment

Aptus Data Labs Analytics Modernization and Migration Capability offers a cost-effective approach to address the challenges of traditional DWH, ETL and Business Intelligence (BI) environments. Our services help your organization identify, prioritize, and transform the traditional data workloads, and modernize the data analytics and AI fabric. We will show you how to use these technologies to optimize business outcomes, remain relevant, and streamline costs. We provide the advanced capabilities you require to support any future AI and applications.

Our data-driven and analytical approach leverages our skills, technology, strength, and competency to execute change consistently and efficiently throughout your enterprise. This service, designed to support your digital transformation and cloud journey will cover everything from assessment to implementation and on-going run phase.


Our Approach

Our experts first assess and provide recommendations tailored to your business environment. Based on your preference and feedback, we recommend specific modernizations that will generate the maximum business value upon implementation. With our products and services, you can:


Delivering Results

APTUS DATA LABS technology enables customers to consume, manage data, and run analytics at a performance level and a price point inaccessible in their existing environments. Our customers have proven you can:

Migrate database & EDW to new technology

Few of our customers have moved to open architecture and open sources to reduce the manpower cost through our competency model and approach.​

Leverage skilled resources to integrate new open source and commercial technologies

Few of our customers have moved to open architecture and open sources to reduce the manpower cost through our competency model and approach.​

Achieve analytics agility and performance enhancements

Our Indian Banking customer has improved the query performance to 300% after a successful migration from Sybase IQ to Vertica Platform of 750TB of data & 12000 objects

Fast delivery using the Aptus Data Labs’s proprietary Data & AI accelerators

An Australian BI company uses our accelerators to produce fast POC, Pilot, and implementation for their end-users.​

Why Aptus Data Labs In the analytics modernization?

Our efficient deliverables over time proves our competency.

Expertise: Our data-driven, AI competency-based approach helps in building analytics and AI platform solutions, offering choice and flexibility.

With 750+ years of experience in the data and analytics domain, our team has worked and supported our customers worldwide with analytics modernization, migration, and managed services.

Ecosystem: Other than our cloud-provider partners, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure, within the Aptus Data Labs Partner Network we maintain an alliance with leading technology companies in the artificial intelligence, machine learning, data management, advanced analytics, and visualization domains to ensure that we provide the right technology solutions to our Aptus Data Labs customers who are seeking to modernize their data and analytics environment, and wanting to deploy solutions to address a
wide range of business use cases.

Our team is focused on the data & analytics space. A deep data-driven and AI competency team continuously pilots many uses and builds the knowledge base.

The Next Step

Start your transformation journey by contacting Aptus Data Labs’ consultants. Utilize our analytics modernization and migration capability to:

Case Studies


Data, Process , Batch jobs and Work flow migration to Hadoop Platform

Assisted a public sector organization to migrate large volumes of data to the Hadoop platform easily


Data Migration to Hadoop Platform and process large data set

Enabled a large theme park to migrate, and process their data quickly and improve customer services


Migration of Dashboards and Reports from SAP BI to Yellowfin platform

Enabled a large recruitment company to visualize their complete recruitment process and improve their performance using new BI tools

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