Aptus Data Labs embeds Data and AI capabilities (machine learning, NLP, computer vision, optimization, and simulation) in our business analytics solutions to provide more intelligent and automated solutions that your business needs. We use AI/ML solutions from RapidMiner, Google, Microsoft, SAS and open source tools in our solution building and customized solutions with clients.

Regardless of your industry AI and machine learning helps your business run faster and smoother, completely automated. Our Industry Solutions with embedded AI and ML algorithms are already enhancing human creativity to unlock new possibilities in industries such as manufacturing, supply chain, retail and consumer product and healthcare.

Our team of AI and ML experts with a data-driven approach has built many business solutions that suit customer’s business needs and are directly deployable solutions on-premise or cloud platform. We operationalize the AI/ML solutions with many supporting technologies such as data, cloud, BI tools, and deployment platform.

Our AI Center of Excellence (CoE)

AI promises growth opportunities that you may never have imagined. The Aptus Data Labs’ AI Center of Excellence (CoE) offers a unique opportunity for our clients to use our expertise in AI and ML from various platforms to explore creative ways to advance their business.


AI/ML-based intelligent Supply Planning, Demand Forecasting, Demand Sensing, and Supply Network Planning Solution


Data Digitization as a Service (DDaaS) platform that offers Cognitive Solutions for Digital Data Capture and Automation

Scheduling & Optimization

Scheduling and Optimization Solution for Oil and Gas and other logistics companies

Augmented Analytics

Embedded Voice and Search to automate the Business Intelligence Reporting using NLP, Conversational AI and Semantics Processing

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