Look beyond business data and gain industry leading insights with Aptus Data Labs’ Retail 360° and Smart Retail solutions

Retailers and Consumer Industries worldwide have been perpetually confronted with the challenge of creating, maintaining & retaining their unique proposition to their end consumers, in a cut throat market. Adding to the adversity, they are coerced to survive only on economies of scale and thin margins.

While consumerism, purchasing power and product reach has increased in many growing markets, avenues have equally multiplied for new and competitive products to acquire the consumers’ mind share in a short time. The game has quickly changed to identify and develop one’s strengths and market segmentation, as quickly and as “correctly” as possible. Retailers’ and consumer goods providers can no longer rely on just decision making from their intrinsic and organic sources of data, embedded in their enterprise “order to cash” systems. The need of the hour is to build a unique decision support by tying the nuptial knot of “Business Data” with “Big Data.”

This is why Aptus Data Labs developed a unique decision support and capability, which coalesce traditional business intelligence with market intelligence through an integrated platform. This integration facilitates product executives, market, district and store managers with a speedy decision-making capability – of understanding not only what sells and where, but who to sell and how.

Aptus Data Labs’ Retail 360° provides integrated dashboard view of multiple internal and external trends impacting a retail food chain. It provides meaningful analysis on company’s strengths and weaknesses around cross-brand and cross-channel selling, product categories and consumer focus groups, based on location, age group or location preferences.

Aptus Data Labs’ Smart Retail solution empowers district and market managers as well as store operators with unique insights. Its proven predictive modeling feature around personalized marketing, assortment & price optimization and content or product personalization help enhance business operation throughout the value chain.

Built with industry leading tools and technologies including Vertica & Hadoop, Aptus Data Labs’ retail solutions provides deep understanding of the retail food chain, decision and data science competencies. These competencies help enterprises enhance business operations, gain optimal ROI and make enterprise-wide, customer-focused business decisions.