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CR-X Customer View Platform

CR-X Customer View customer analytics solution offers a comprehensive suite of data integration capability and rich filtering and matching algorithms, to harness all of the communication channels, to efficiently manage the entire life cycle of any customer interaction handled by your organization. It empowers organizations to leverage the power of their data — and beyond to enhance customer loyalty, deepen relationships, grow revenue and deliver superior customer service.

CR-X Customer View solution transforms traditional Quality Assurance processes by pairing Voice of the Customer & Agent performance data on 100% of all interactions. We deliver holistic, actionable business intelligence configured to your unique needs to propel measurable improvements in NPS, customer satisfaction and agent performance.

  • Improve customer approval and experience by over 500%
  • Measure customer experience at every touchpoint along the customer journey
  • Most disruptive product in the Custoer Experence Market"
  • "Simply nothing like it on the market"
  • Measure agent effectiveness and compliance 100%
  • The most sophisticated Customer Experience platform on the planet.

How CR-X Customer View Transforms your Business:

  • Analyzes and transcribes 100% of recordings, from various systems and sources
  • Incorporates meta-data from other sources for a holistic view of performance (phone switch, workforce metrics, Voice of the Customer, etc.)
  • Leveraging cutting edge NLP capabilities
  • Evaluates and scores interactions, transforming what humans and call monitoring forms do today with big data capabilities and benefits
  • Scores 100% of contacts for an accurate assessment of Agent performance
  • Houses and manipulates multiple scoring evaluations
  • Provides predictive suggestions to sharpen evaluation scoring accuracy
  • Pinpoints key words, phrases and tonal qualities to drive impactful reporting and insight for:
  • Compliance requirements: CFPB, FTC, FDCPA, TCPA, HIPPA, PII, etc.
  • Customer Experience, Sentiment and Agent behavior – clients define the states within the conversation to drive business needs (empathy, escalations, cancel requests, etc.)
  • Specialized needs, such as specific required phrases, scripts and disclosures associated with select interactions such as Collections or Sales
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How CR-X Customer View Transforms your Business:

  • On the fly custom dictionary capabilties
  • Delivers actionable trend and transactional analysis at the Agent/Team/Site/Client level
  • Supplies canned and customizable reporting capabilities in a scheduled and ad-hoc fashion
  • Trended reporting
  • Risk-based reporting actions and activities
  • Complaints, disputes and customer kudos
  • Eliminates or reduces dependence on dedicated support staff at the client level
  • Provides easy-to-use reporting to Operational leadership for high impact coaching
  • Grants the ability to easily pull raw data directly out of the tool for granular analysis
  • Transcripts
  • Topic modeling (e.g., word clouds, sentiment scores, cross talk indicators, etc.)
  • All metadata

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