Gain tangible Return on Investment and get a holistic picture of manufacturing performance with our Smart Manufacturing solutions

Today’s manufacturers have started seeing Big Data beyond improving performance. By using it as a cornerstone, these manufacturers are leveraging it to improve product quality, plant operations and schedule maintenance, as well as for environmental and sustainability practices, to gain a more holistic picture of manufacturing performance. In short, they are evolving to be smart manufactures.

However, each use case is confronted with unique challenges and requirements, thereby making it difficult for manufacturers to zero in on any Big Data solutions. This is why, Aptus Data Labs has developed unique advanced analytic solutions such as Smart Product Decision, Smart Factories and Industry-specific accelerators.

We are empowering many manufacturers around the globe to gain actionable insights with our solutions by leveraging upon industry standard tools and technologies like Hadoop/Big Data, machine-2-machine (M2M) data, predictive analytics, data warehouse, business intelligence (BI) and enterprises applications.

Right from forecasting & predictive analysis on plant operations, productions, breakdown and scheduled maintenance to supply chain visibility and analysis, and from text analysis and mining of manufacturing processes to quality control and optimization of shop floor operations, we have advanced analytic solutions for specific manufacturing needs. These advance analytic solutions provide actionable insights that help manufacturers make cogent data-driven decisions.

Smart Product Decision

The Smart Product Decision facilitates operations managers to take a deep dive into historical process data, identify patterns and relationships among discrete process steps and inputs. This Aptus Data Lab’s configured tool can optimize factors that prove to have the greatest effect on yield. The tool can spot patterns, as well as help draw actionable insights from the information.

Smart Factories

The Smart Factories help product and machines to communicate cooperatively, through Internet of Things (IoT). We are currently working with one of the leading companies Digital Smart Self-sufficient factory.

MANUFACTURING – Industry Specific Accelerators (M-ISA)

The M-ISA is a suite of industry specific accelerators that cater to different challenges confronted by different industries. By leveraging the expertise of our team- who have worked close to two decades in discrete and process manufacturing industries – have hands on experience in offering many accelerators. Some of them, but not limited to, are:

  • Industry specific KPI catalog
  • Executable implementation plans
  • Enterprise Big Data Intelligence Maturity model
  • Smart manufacturing operations processes
  • Prebuilt real time visualizations and dashboards (Mobile Device enabled)
  • Advanced analytical adaptive models
  • Artificial neural intelligence
  • Data Science correlation analysis

With manufacturers across the globe trying to gain a competitive edge with better and faster decision making capability, Aptus Data Labs is helping them to navigate the path easily with its proven big data and advanced analytic solutions.