Enhance patient care, augment capacity planning, reduce operational costs and make better decisions with Aptus Data Labs’ proven Length of Stay (LOS), Re-admission, Risk Populations and Predictive modelling healthcare solutions

Healthcare organizations worldwide are yearning to gain competitive edge with key business goals such as quality clinical outcomes, increased operational efficiency, reduced healthcare costs, and improved productivity, in a shorter duration.

Despite having technology and real-time information at their disposal, they are challenged by various factors such as discrete IT systems, inefficient implementation of Electronic Health Records (EHRs), low interoperability among vendors, deluge of healthcare data and more to realize these business goals. To assuage these challenges whilst realize necessary business objectives, companies cannot rely solely on legacy technological tools and intrinsic organic data.

The best way forward is to leverage upon Aptus Data Labs’ Healthcare Solutions, built on proven Advanced Analytics and Decision Science. These solutions help healthcare organizations to not only reduce hospital readmissions and hospitals stays, but also predict and prevent chronic diseases. Eventually, this reduces healthcare costs and paves way for more quality care.

Tailor-made for OpenEMR and other industry-leading custom off-the-self EHR products, Aptus Data Labs’ Healthcare Solutions coalesces industry leading algorithms, rich domain capabilities, and decision & data science competencies. These competencies collectively help in arriving at specific solutions for pertinent business decisions.

Aptus Data Labs’ Length of Stay (LOS) solution is designed to increase resource utilization and enhance capacity planning by managing LOS risks with inter-disciplinary care and advanced point of care. It helps in predictive bed management and waiting list reduction.

Aptus Data Labs’ Readmission solution helps healthcare organizations improve clinical performance and patient experience by reducing readmissions. It offers a dashboard kind of approach, which can be granulated at various levels, such as specialty, procedure and specific provider. With Affordable Care Act (ACA) in place, healthcare organizations can utilize it to identify readmission cases, well in advance.

Aptus Data Labs’ Predictive Modeling solution helps hospitals predict as well as prevent chronic diseases like diabetics, cardiovascular and more. These solutions use Population Health Management and Stratification of Risk Groups techniques available in predictive analytics. It can identify risk population and empower healthcare providers to engage and educate identified patients on wellness and preventive healthcare, in advance, to assuage risk of chronic diseases.With personalized healthcare and increased patient engagement, healthcare organizations, insurance companies, and Government can manage healthcare costs easily.

Coupled with years of industry acumen in these verticals, we help organizations like hospitals, clinics and institutions alike to transform their potential everyday data in to actionable facts.

Dive deep into healthcare systems, beyond EHR legacy data, to gain the enterprise stewardship