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Java Developers “Primary Skills (Must Have):
OOPs methodologies, Core Java, Spring, Spring Boot, Microservices, Hibernate, JSP, Servlets, SOAP or Restful webservices, SQL or PL/SQL.Description:
*Technical requirement for Java: Exception handling, Collections API, Multithreading with latest concurrency package, Best practices (such as avoiding code duplication, avoiding hard coded values etc), Design patterns
*Candidates should have Designing concepts experience.
*Candidates with Build tools experience (Jenkins, ANT, JIRA, Maven etc..) is added advantage
*Good knowledge of OOPS concepts, Hibernate and Spring version 3.x 1, Spring Dependency Injection (IOC, MVC, JDBC, JMS, etc)
*Understand user requirements or functional specifications
*Perform detailed technical analysis with impacts (technical/functionally) and design for GUI, server side and the database
*Defect fixing & performance optimization
*Design and development of GUI and its corresponding business treatment
*Good verbal and written communication.”
3-5 years Bangalore Open
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