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Customer Profiling, Segmentation and Analytics

Customer Profiling & Analytics

Customer Data Integration, Profiling, Customer Analytics, and Prediction for various events using Microsoft Azure, HDInsights (Hadoop Platform) and Machine learning

A large hospital group in India

Predicting Risk Population and ranking patients with at high risk

Healthcare Analytics

Modelling the risk population, length of stay and predicting the risk of over stay (cost, doctors allocation, optimizing the bed-admission) for specific medical conditions using Decision Tree or SVM models

Public Sector Insurance Payer

Claims Analytics enables better claims processing & fraud detection

Health Insurance

Detecting fraud and abuse cases with triggering points for unwanted/unauthorized hospitalization and predicting a fraud from claims

Leading English News Channel

Reader & Viewers Feedback & Sentimental Analysis

People’s Perception & Sentimental Analytics

India Media & Marketing house to derive the sentiments and feedback of an event or discussion point or product performance or social interaction using Hadoop, Data Mining, Text Analysis, NLP and various unstructured and structured data sources

IT Infrastructure Services Industry

Predictive Analysis to prioritise service tickets and failure of servers

Predictive Analysis

A Predictive analytics tool for ITSM (build on Hadoop & Open source Ticketing tool) that tells which ticket to prioritise and which servers may fail. The tool learns from history and adjusts how it responds to future events to build a proactive alert system leveraging machine learning

An European Private Banking

Enterprise BI Architecture Assessment & Improvement

BI Architecture Assessment & Execution

BI Architecture assessment for a Bank’s BI capabilities and supporting infrastructure of private Banking. The need for the DWH/BI Assessment to ensure clearly defined business value, environment support and performance management.

IT Product Company

Order Forecasting model: A 15 days rolling mechanism for M-on-M & Y-on-Y forecast model for Product lines Sales

Sales Forecast/Prediction

Order Forecasting model – To prepare a 15-day rolling Forecasting Mechanism that will forecast the M-on-M and Y-o-Y Sales Orders for product business in terms of Product Lines. An accuracy of ~90% is achieved using ARIMA, Neural Network, and Time-Series Modeling

World’s Renowned Theme Park

Building Big Data Architecture to improve performance for large Web Analytics datasets

Big Data / Hadoop Architecture

Achieved  80% performance gain of processing time of weekly web crawling data generated by two sources (Omniture & Digital Envoy)  by using industry  best practices Hadoop Architecture. 

Import-Export House

An Prediction tool (“Predicted Exchange Rate Viewer”) that provides highly accurate predictions at regular intervals

Currency Exchange Prediction

The “Predicted Exchange Rate Viewer” was leveraged by a client in the import-export business to get prior knowledge of low, high and close values of the exchange rate. By implementing this, the client is greatly benefited and empowered to make right decisions in its business