Aptus Data Labs

Our Company

Aptus Data Labs is a state-of-the-art Big data and Advanced Analytics company, providing consulting and project delivery services & solutions,  catering to enterprises of all sizes, across different industries such as Healthcare, Retail & Consumer Industries, Insurance & Manufacturing. Founded under the credo ‘Big Decisions Assured,’ we offer advanced analytics platforms that help businesses make quick cogent data-driven decisions, essentially required to sustain and grow in tandem with evolving industry trends.

Through several years of business domain expertise, we have understood the profound need of industries for a cohesive analytics platform that helps organizations gain competitive advantage in a short duration. Catering to this need, we developed a preeminent Data to Decision (D2D) framework that diligently takes care of the entire analytics value chain – right from curetting to deciphering massive amounts of granular data – to arrive at big business decisions quickly.

Our value-driven, customer-centric business domain expertise help organizations navigate through the data analytics path seamlessly, right from primary Data to Data Engineering and then Data Science to Decision Science, to arrive at pertinent Big Business Decisions.

No matter how colossal your Primary Data might be – in volume, variety or velocity, we ASSURE YOU BIG DECISIONS that matters for your business and your customers.

Mission & Vision

Aptus aims to achieve its vision through :

  • Technical capabilities in leading edge Big Data and Analytics technologies
  • Eclectic skill mix including data modeling, data science and visualizations
  • Partnering with best in class software providers
  • Building and providing high talent to our clients onshore and offshore
  • Creating toolkits and accelerators for faster implementation
  • Continuous learning through strong industry and academia collaboration
  • Become the company-of-choice for enterprises of all sizes, across different industries such as Healthcare & Life Sciences, Retail & Consumer Industries, Manufacturing , Energy, Oil & Gas and Utilities,
  • Broaden our industry domain solutions that can support global enterprises to optimize their business operations
Our company’s core value and philosophy is embedded in our name ‘Aptus Data Labs,’ – Aptus means “appropriate or fitting” in Latin.

  • Apt techniques & technologies – “One size does NOT fit all”
  • People are our biggest assets – Great things are possible when minds synergise
  • Total customer satisfaction –Whatever it takes !!
  • Unrelenting focus on best practices and (re)utilization of intellectual assets
  • Success achieved only through iterative rigour and implementation

Guided by the famous adage “A problem is just a solution in disguise,” we use complex business problems as a stepping stone to arrive at appropriate solutions that help in making pertinent Big Business Decisions.

Through continuous learning and research, we incessantly innovate our reference architectures, accelerators and algorithms that eventually provides us the impetus to understand and solve complex business problems at an accelerated pace. We assure decision-makers with big business decisions with efficient proof of concepts (POC), while optimizing business operations cost-efficiently.

Our capability to co-create key business strategies and solve complex business problems in a shorter duration – using our proprietary platforms (D2D), best practices, methodology and reference architectures – differentiate us from the other players in the market.

In short, our thought leadership strategy can be embodified as “Tomorrow’s technology today”.

Our strategy pillars to deliver on our vision and mission in twofold:

  • Create the business partnership, industry domain solutions and innovation on data and analytics.
  • Nurturing our people’s strength, industry practices and people performance to become a successful leader



Core Team

<strong>James Horton</strong>
James HortonStrategist & Business Dev
James is responsible for mentoring, collaborating and supporting the company’s endeavors towards successful Big Data solutions portfolio by building capability, right partnership and business development
<strong>Ravindra Swamy</strong>
Ravindra SwamyCo-Founder & Chief Technologist
As a chief technologist, Ravi is responsible for defining Big Data solutions portfolio, building solution, platform, capability, accelerators & customer solutions for various business domains, which together will help Aptus Data Labs towards forward growth trajectory.
<strong>Samir Kumar Sahoo</strong>
Samir Kumar SahooCo-Founder & Chief Executive
After co-founding Aptus Data Labs, he is nurturing a vision to turn Aptus Data Labs to be the global leader in Big Data and Advanced Analytics arena. He brings an agile, entrepreneurial approach to BI & Analytics practice as well as people management, which will help catapult Aptus Data Labs’ growth towards a success story

Technical skill & Competencies

Our competencies on partner’s tools and technologies

Our core expertise on partner’s tools and technologies enable us to provide professional services and solutions to solve enterprises problems


Our competencies on analytical tools and techniques

Our competencies on analytical tools, modelling and techniques help organisation to solve their business problems using CRISP-DM methodology



Aptus Data Labs  has a network of technology, product, solution, System Integrator and academic partners to build and sell right  solutions for our customer business.

Technology & Solution Partners

maprMapR delivers on the promise of Hadoop with a proven, enterprise-grade platform that supports a broad set of mission-critical and real-time production uses. MapR brings unprecedented dependability, ease-of-use and world-record speed to Hadoop, NoSQL, database and streaming applications in one unified Big Data platform.
hortonHortonworks is the only 100-percent open source software provider to develop, distribute and support an Apache Hadoop platform explicitly architected, built and tested for enterprise-grade deployments.
WANdiscoWANDisco is a leading provider of global collaboration software to the software development Industry. WANdisco’s products are differentiated by patented, active-active data replication technology, serving crucial high availability (HA) requirements, including Hadoop Big Data and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM).
Microsoft AzureAzure is microsoft’s cloud computing platform, a growing collection of integrated services – analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage and web – for moving faster, achieving more and saving more.
CR-XCR-X software is a new paradigm in real time data integration specialising in massive volumes of complex transactional data (e.g. CDRs). It provides a highly effective alternative to ETL, PERL and other traditional integration methodologies and is also available as OEM data input/output modules for BI, data warehouse and other applications.
YellowfinYellowfin is the number one Business Intelligence choice for organizations of all sizes. Hundreds of thousands of people use Yellowfin every day to improve their business performance.
Vertica HP Vertica Big Data Analytics Platform was designed with speed, scalability, architected to handle sql and big data analytic workloads via a distributed compressed columnar architecture all at 30% of the cost of traditional data warehouse solutions.
DSE CassandraDataStax delivers Apache Cassandra in a database platform: DataStax Enterprise (DSE) – purpose built for the performance and availability demands of IOT, Web, and Mobile applications